Amid the usual array of anti-vaccine-passport, anti-lockdown, anti-masking, anti-tyranny protests in the UK that were not mentioned by mainstream media last weekend, an even more startling omission from news bulletins was the failure to report an attempt to storm the offices of…
Blocking sunlight with nano particles to reverse climate change is an old idea, dumped ten years ago. Why would anyone think it might work now?
If you haven't heard of Big Data you either haven't been living on this planet for the past few years or you're an ostrich and bury your head in the…
The Backlash Against Vaccine Tyrrany Has Truly Kicked Off At Last
When they fly to the conference in private jets, how can we take their words about saving the planet seriously?
An iconoclast's view of Artificial Intelligence and 'Data Science.'
Those who died 'with' COVID died of something else
Then the tell us we have to reduce our carbon footprint
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